.STW File Extension

A .STW file is a StarOffice Document Template, created by Oracle.

Open with OpenOffice Writer. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .STW file?

The .STW file extension refers to a StarOffice Document Template. This type of file was originally created by StarOffice, which is the software that came before Apache OpenOffice. The .STW file format is an older format that was used before Apache OpenOffice switched to using the more modern .ODT OpenDocument format. Essentially, .STW files are templates used to create multiple .SDW documents that have the same layout and formatting, without having to set up each new document from scratch.

To open a .STW file, you can use several programs that are capable of handling this type of file. The most common programs include: 1. **OpenOffice Writer** - This is a word processing component of the OpenOffice suite, which directly supports .STW files. 2. **LibreOffice Writer** - Similar to OpenOffice, LibreOffice can also open and edit .STW files as it is derived from the same software family. 3. **Planamesa NeoOffice** - This is an office suite for Mac computers that can handle .STW files among other types.

More Information: When you create a .STW file, it is often part of a larger set of related files, including STH, STI, and STIP files. These files contain various data that the main software application uses. For instance, when you save a sound in certain applications, clicking "SAVE" in the User Preset area and naming your sound will not only create a .STIP file but also a corresponding .STW file. This .STW file will be located in the folder designated for its "Parent Sound." If you name your instrument "Clarinet," for example, the .STW file will be named "Clarinet.stw," along with the related STH, STI, and STIP files. This naming convention helps keep related files organized and easily identifiable.


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