.STXT File Extension

A .STXT file is a Sealed Text File, created by Oracle.

Open with Oracle IRM Desktop. Available for Windows.

What is a .STXT file?

The file extension .STXT stands for Sealed Text File. This type of file is essentially a text document that has been secured or "sealed" using Oracle Information Rights Management (IRM) software. The purpose of sealing the file is to protect its contents by allowing only certain users with the appropriate permissions to view it.

A .STXT file is created from a regular text file (.TXT), but it is locked to prevent unauthorized access. This means that if you have a .STXT file, you cannot just open it with any standard text editing software like Notepad or Microsoft Word. Instead, you need specific software that can handle the security features embedded in the file.

The primary software used to open and manage .STXT files is Oracle IRM Desktop. This program checks if a user has the necessary rights to access the file. If the user is authorized, the software will "unseal" the file, allowing the user to view the document as a normal text file.

Originally, the sealed file technology was developed by a company called SealedMedia. Oracle later acquired SealedMedia and integrated its technology into the Oracle IRM system. Although SealedMedia had a program called SealedMedia Unsealer to open sealed files, this program is no longer available following the acquisition by Oracle.

In summary, if you encounter a .STXT file, you will need the Oracle IRM Desktop software to open it, provided you have the necessary permissions set by the file's administrator. This ensures that sensitive information in text documents is securely managed and accessed only by authorized personnel.


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