.SV5 File Extension

A .SV5 file is a BigJig 5 Saved Puzzle, created by Lena Games.

Open with Lena Games BigJig. Available for Windows.

What is a .SV5 file?

An SV5 file is a type of file used by a computer game called BigJig 5, which is made by Lena Games. This game allows players to solve jigsaw puzzles on their computer. The .SV5 file stores all the information about how far the player has gotten in a particular puzzle. This includes details like how many pieces of the puzzle the player has put together and where those pieces are located on the screen.

When a player stops playing and then comes back to continue the puzzle later, the SV5 file helps the game remember exactly where the player left off, so they can start again from the same point. This file is essential for keeping track of the player's progress in the game.

To open an SV5 file, you need to have the BigJig 5 game installed on your computer. Once you have the game, it can automatically recognize and open the SV5 files, allowing you to continue playing your saved puzzle games.


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