.SVA File Extension

A .SVA file is a Manga Browser Comic File, created by Sharp.

Open with Sharp Manga Browser for SHONEN JUMP. Available for Windows.

What is a .SVA file?

The .SVA file extension is associated with a type of file known as a Manga Browser Comic File. These files are specifically used by a program called Manga Browser for SHONEN JUMP, which is designed to allow users to read manga comics on their devices. A .SVA file contains a collection of manga images that are organized in the sequence of the comic book pages. In addition to the images, the file also includes important details like the title of the comic, the author's name, and the publisher's information.

To open a .SVA file, you need to use the Sharp Manga Browser for SHONEN JUMP. This program is tailored to display the manga images and other content stored in the .SVA files correctly, ensuring that readers have a smooth experience as they go through each page of the manga.

Additionally, there is a Manga Browser application available for mobile devices, including those running on the Android platform. This application also supports the viewing of .SVA files, making it convenient for users to read their favorite manga comics on their smartphones or tablets.

Shonen Jump, the magazine associated with these files, is a well-known manga anthology that has been published in various forms since 1969. It features a wide range of manga series, many of which have become extremely popular worldwide. VIZ Media, a prominent publisher and distributor of manga and anime in North America, currently distributes some editions of Shonen Jump online, allowing even wider access to its content.


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