.SVH File Extension

A .SVH file is a SystemVerilog Source Code Header File, created by IEEE.

Open with Sigasi Studio. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SVH file?

A .SVH file is a type of file used in computer programming, specifically for designing and modeling electronic systems. It is a SystemVerilog Source Code Header File, which means it is written in the SystemVerilog programming language. SystemVerilog is an advanced version of the Verilog language, which is commonly used in the electronics industry. The .SVH file is similar to a .SV file, which is also a SystemVerilog file, but the .SVH file typically contains definitions of constants and other elements that are used across various SystemVerilog files in a project.

To open and work with .SVH files, you can use specialized software designed for handling SystemVerilog code, such as Sigasi Studio or Mentor Graphics ModelSim. These programs provide tools and features that help in writing, editing, and testing SystemVerilog code effectively. Additionally, since .SVH files are saved in plain text format, you can also open them using any basic text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. However, using a text editor means you won't have access to the advanced features provided by specialized software, which can help in managing complex electronic design projects more efficiently.

SystemVerilog itself is a powerful language used primarily in the semiconductor and electronic design industry. It combines features from hardware description languages (HDL) and hardware verification languages (HVL), along with some elements from C and C++ programming languages. This makes SystemVerilog very versatile for designing and verifying electronic systems at various levels of abstraction. The language has been standardized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), with significant updates released over the years to enhance its capabilities and performance in industry applications.


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