.SVQ File Extension

A .SVQ file is a Roland Sequencer File, created by Roland Corporation.

Open with FMJ-Software Awave Studio. Available for Windows.

What is a .SVQ file?

The file extension .SVQ refers to a type of file known as a Roland Sequencer File. This type of file is commonly created using the sequencers that are built into many Roland synthesizers. A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals.

An .SVQ file contains a MIDI song, which includes various pieces of musical information. This information can include the notes that are played in the song, the tempo (or speed) of the song, and the specific instruments that are used. This format is similar to the more widely known .MID file, which also stores MIDI data.

To open an .SVQ file, you can use a program called FMJ-Software Awave Studio. This software allows you to view and edit the contents of the file.

However, since .SVQ is a less common file format, you might find it necessary to convert these files into a more widely recognized format such as Standard MIDI File (.SMF) or simply a .MID file. Converting the file can make it easier to use with a variety of music software and devices that may not support the .SVQ format directly.


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