.SVX File Extension

A .SVX file is a 8SVX Sound File, created by The Survex Project.

Open with Survex. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SVX file?

The file extension .SVX refers to an 8SVX Sound File, which is primarily used in the context of cave surveying. This file is an ASCII text file created using the Survex format. Survex is a specialized format designed for capturing detailed data from cave surveys. The content of an .SVX file typically includes "centreline" data, which records specific locations within a cave. This data is crucial for tasks such as mapping the layout of caves, studying how different cave systems are connected, and generating three-dimensional visual representations of caves.

To open an .SVX file, you can use the Survex software, which is specifically designed for handling this type of file. Additionally, since .SVX files are in ASCII text format, they can also be opened with any basic text editor like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on macOS. This flexibility allows users to view and edit the content of .SVX files easily.

Moreover, .SVX files can include various instructions that enhance the survey data. These instructions might involve including additional files, calibrating data, or defining survey stations. Within the Survex software, there is a tool called "cavern" that processes .SVX files to produce .3D files. These .3D files can then be opened in another tool within Survex, named "Aven," which is used for viewing the cave data in a three-dimensional format. This capability is particularly useful for a detailed and immersive visualization of cave surveys.


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