.SWI File Extension

A .SWI file is a SWiSH Project File, created by

Open with SWiSH Max. Available for Windows.

What is a .SWI file?

The .SWI file extension is associated with SWiSH Project Files. These files are created using SWiSH, a software tool designed to be a simpler alternative to Adobe Flash. SWiSH allows users to create various Flash-based projects such as simple animations, interactive applications, and web projects that can interact with databases.

An SWI file typically contains all the elements needed for a Flash project, including animations, scripts, and multimedia content. Users can also use SWI files to convert content from other formats, like videos or PowerPoint presentations, into Flash documents. This makes it easier to integrate such content into web pages or presentations.

To open an SWI file, you would need to use's SWiSH Max software. However, it's important to note that, the company behind SWiSH Max, ceased operations in 2016. This means that obtaining the software might require finding older versions available from third-party sources.

Once created in SWiSH, projects can be exported to more universally recognized formats. The most common export format is the standard Flash format (.SWF), which can be played in any Flash-compatible web browser or player. Additionally, SWiSH projects can be saved as .AVI video files or as standalone executable Flash Projector files, which can run independently on a computer without needing a web browser.

In summary, .SWI files are primarily used with the SWiSH Max software to create and manage Flash-based projects. Despite the closure of, existing SWiSH Max users can still use the software to open and edit SWI files, as well as export them to different formats for broader compatibility and use.


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