.SWM File Extension

A .SWM file is a Split Windows Imaging Format File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft ImageX (Included with OS). Available for Windows.

What is a .SWM file?

The file extension .SWM stands for Split Windows Imaging Format File. This type of file is created using a tool called ImageX, which is a command-line utility designed to help users create disk images specifically for Windows operating systems. A .SWM file is essentially a segment of a larger Windows Imaging Format file (.WIM) that has been divided into smaller parts. This splitting is often done to break down a large .WIM file (usually stored on a DVD) into smaller, more manageable pieces that can fit onto CDs or other media with smaller storage capacities.

The .SWM files are commonly found within a folder named "sources" on each CD or other media used to store these split files. These split files are useful for distributing a large image over multiple disks, making transportation and installation easier.

To handle .SWM files, you can use Microsoft ImageX, which is included with some operating systems. This program allows you to create, modify, and apply Windows disk images. Another tool that can open .SWM files is ExtractNow, a program designed for extracting multiple archives quickly and easily.

If you need to use the original large .WIM file, you can reconstruct it from the .SWM files using a tool like XImage or even ImageX itself, which can merge the split parts back into a single file. This process is essential when you need to restore the full functionality of the original disk image for installation or recovery purposes.


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