.SWV File Extension

A .SWV file is a Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice Settings File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice Utility. Available for Windows.

What is a .SWV file?

The file extension .SWV stands for a Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice Settings File. This type of file is associated with the Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice device. This device is designed to allow players to use voice commands to control video games and to communicate with other players during online games. The .SWV file contains various settings that help manage and customize how the voice recognition functions in different games.

For example, within a .SWV file, you might find configurations that define what specific voice commands do in a game. This means you can say a command out loud, and the game will respond accordingly, like opening a map, reloading a weapon, or initiating communication with other players.

To open and modify a .SWV file, you would use the Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice Utility. This program allows you to adjust the settings stored in the .SWV file to suit your preferences for different games. It helps you map specific voice commands to actions within the game, enhancing your gaming experience by making it more interactive and hands-free.


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