.SXF File Extension

A .SXF file is a Secure eXchange Format File, created by Topographic Service of the Russian Armed Forces.

Open with Panorama Group GIS Panorama. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .SXF file?

An SXF file is a type of data file used in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It stands for Secure eXchange Format and is designed to store detailed geographic data securely. This file format was developed by the Topographic Service of the Russian Armed Forces in 1992 and is primarily used by Russian agencies to share geographic information like topographic maps and navigational data.

The content of an SXF file includes data about various geographic objects, which can be anything from points and lines to polygons and complex graphics. These objects are organized into different layers within the file, making it easier to manage and display the data in a GIS application. For example, an SXF file might contain different layers for roads, rivers, and buildings, each layer representing different types of data.

SXF files are read-only, meaning they cannot be edited once created. This feature is particularly important for ensuring the integrity and security of the data contained in the file.

To view or use the data in an SXF file, you need specific GIS software that supports this format. Some of the programs capable of opening SXF files include: 1. **Panorama Group GIS Panorama** - A comprehensive GIS application that provides tools for viewing and analyzing geographic data. 2. **Safe Software FME Desktop** - A versatile tool that allows for the manipulation and conversion of GIS data between various formats. 3. **PCI Geomatics CATALYST Professional** - A professional GIS software used for processing and analyzing spatial data.

Additionally, SXF files are often accompanied by RSC files. An RSC file is crucial as it contains formatting information and object names for the data in the corresponding SXF file. This pairing helps in accurately displaying the geographic data as intended.

Overall, SXF files are essential for securely exchanging detailed and layered geographic information in specific professional and governmental contexts, particularly within Russian agencies.


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