.SYH File Extension

A .SYH file is a Synchomatic Instrument, created by N/A.

Open with Neurotix Synchomatic. Available for Windows.

What is a .SYH file?

The .SYH file extension is associated with a specific type of file called a Synchomatic Instrument. This file format is used by a software synthesizer named Synchomatic. Synchomatic is a program designed for creating and manipulating sound, and it features a powerful 32-bit synthesis engine that operates based on a unique, custom-designed algorithm.

The .SYH files contain data for software instruments that can be used within the Synchomatic synthesizer. These files support various components essential for sound synthesis, including: - Eight different waveforms: These are the basic shapes of sound waves (like sine, square, etc.) that can be used to create different tones and sounds. - One oscillator: This is a component that generates the sound waves. - One LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator): This is used to modulate various parameters of the sound, such as pitch or volume, to create effects like vibrato or tremolo. - One envelope generator: This controls how the sound behaves over time, defining how it starts, sustains, and ends. - A programmable filter: This can alter the sound by changing its timbre, often used to emphasize or suppress certain frequencies in the sound.

To open a .SYH file, you need to use the Neurotix Synchomatic software. This program is specifically designed to work with Synchomatic Instrument files, allowing users to load, edit, and play the sounds defined by these files within the Synchomatic synthesizer environment.


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