A .SYS-RESERVED-RW-BITMAP.GROW file is a Pioneer DVD Recorder Dummy File, created by Pioneer.

Open with Not meant to be opened. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.


The file extension .SYS-RESERVED-RW-BITMAP.GROW is associated with a specific type of file known as a Pioneer DVD Recorder Dummy File. This type of file is automatically created by Pioneer DVD recorders when using DVD-RW discs. The primary purpose of a .SYS-RESERVED-RW-BITMAP.GROW file is to store information about the space bitmap, which essentially maps out the partition size on the DVD-RW disc. This information is crucial because it helps the DVD recorder quickly identify where free space is available on the disc, thereby reducing the time it takes to scan for available space when recording new data.

Typically, you will encounter a .SYS-RESERVED-RW-BITMAP.GROW file when you access a DVD-RW disc that has been formatted or used in a Pioneer DVD Recorder. Alongside this file, there is usually a folder labeled "DVD_RTAV" on the disc. This folder contains other files like .IFO and .VRO, which are related to the video recording format used by DVD recorders.

It is important to note that .SYS-RESERVED-RW-BITMAP.GROW files are not meant to be opened by users. They are system files used internally by the DVD recorder for managing disc space. There are no standard programs designed to open or interact with these files, as they serve a technical and specific function within the DVD recorder system. Therefore, if you come across this file type, there is no action required or recommended other than to leave it as is to ensure the proper functioning of the DVD-RW disc within the Pioneer system.


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