.SZS File Extension

A .SZS file is a Wii Game Data File, created by N/A.

Open with Wiimms SZS Tools. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SZS file?

The .SZS file extension refers to a Wii Game Data File, which is a type of data file used by video games on the Nintendo Wii gaming console. These files are most commonly associated with the game Mario Kart, where they are used to store 3D models and textures that make up the game's visual elements. However, .SZS files are not exclusive to Mario Kart; they are also utilized by other Wii games to store similar types of data, such as graphics and game environments, as well as other kinds of information.

The .SZS files are known for being stored in a specific format called the U8 archive format. Additionally, they are compressed using Yaz0 compression, a method that helps reduce the file size, making it easier and faster to load the game data during gameplay.

For those interested in modifying or creating custom graphics for Mario Kart or other Wii games, the .SZS files can be accessed and edited using various tools developed by both official sources and the gaming community. Some of the popular programs that can open and modify .SZS files include: 1. **Wiimms SZS Tools** - A collection of tools specifically designed for handling .SZS files, particularly useful for Mario Kart modding. 2. **CTools** - A set of tools used for customizing Wii games, including capabilities to work with .SZS files. 3. **SZS Modifier** - A program focused on modifying .SZS files for Mario Kart, allowing users to alter game graphics and models. 4. **BrawlBox** - Although primarily used for the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, BrawlBox can also handle .SZS files for other games, providing functionalities to edit various game data.

These tools are particularly popular within the homebrew and modding communities, where enthusiasts create and share custom modifications to enhance or alter the gaming experience. By using these programs, users can open, edit, and repack .SZS files, thereby customizing the game's appearance and behavior.


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