.T$M File Extension

A .T$M file is a AVG Internet Security Temporary File, created by Grisoft.

Open with AVG Internet Security. Available for Windows.

What is a .T$M file?

The .T$M file extension is associated with AVG Internet Security, which is a type of antivirus software designed to protect computers from malware and other security threats. When AVG Internet Security runs a scan on your computer to check for viruses, it sometimes finds files that it can't open or that might be damaged. In these cases, AVG creates a temporary copy of these files and saves them with a .T$M extension. These temporary files are stored in a specific folder on your computer, usually the \Windows\Temp\ directory.

The main purpose of creating these .T$M files is to help AVG analyze and deal with potential threats without disrupting the original files. However, these are meant to be temporary and should be automatically removed by the AVG software once the analysis is complete.

The primary program that can open and manage .T$M files is AVG Internet Security itself, as these files are specific to its scanning process. It's important to note that sometimes AVG Internet Security might not delete these temporary files after they are no longer needed. This can happen due to certain glitches or oversights in different versions of the software. If these .T$M files are left behind, they can take up unnecessary space on your hard drive. If you're sure that these files don't contain any important information and they're just leftovers from a security scan, you can safely delete them manually to clear up space on your computer.


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