.T18 File Extension

A .T18 file is a H&R Block 2018 Tax Return, created by H&R Block.

Open with H&R Block Tax Software. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .T18 file?

A .T18 file is a specific type of file used to store tax return information. It is created by the 2018 version of H&R Block Tax Software, which is a program available for both Windows and macOS computers. This software is designed to help users in the United States prepare their tax returns.

The content of a .T18 file includes all the necessary data for a tax return for the year 2018. This data encompasses both state and federal tax forms, as well as personal tax information that the user has input into the software. This might include earnings, deductions, and other relevant financial details specific to the user's tax situation for that year.

To open a .T18 file, you need to use H&R Block Tax Software from the same year the file was created, which in this case is the 2018 version. This ensures that the file format is compatible with the software, allowing you to view or modify your tax return information. Other versions of H&R Block Tax Software or different tax software programs may not be able to open this file type correctly due to differences in file format specifications.


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