.T2K File Extension

A .T2K file is a Teach2000 Document, created by

Open with Teach2000. Available for Windows.

What is a .T2K file?

A .T2K file is a type of document used by a program called Teach2000. Teach2000 is a tool designed to help with memory training. The .T2K document contains a list of questions and answers that can be in different formats, such as free form or multiple choice. These questions and answers are saved in a format known as XML, which is a way of organizing information in a file so that both humans and computers can read it easily.

If you have a .T2K file, you can open it using a program called Teach2000, which is available from a website called This is the main program that works with .T2K files.

However, there is another use of the .T2K file extension in the medical field, particularly in plastic surgery. In this context, a .T2K file is an image file created during the consultation phase between a patient and a plastic surgeon. These images are made using a special device from Canfield Scientific and are meant to help patients understand how they might look after a procedure, such as a facelift, necklift, rhinoplasty, or liposuction.

The plastic surgeon transfers these .T2K image files to a computer and uses a program called Mirror software to open and analyze them. This software allows the surgeon to show the patient the potential results of their surgery. However, these .T2K image files are encrypted and can only be opened with Mirror software, which means that if a patient accidentally receives a .T2K file, they won't be able to open it on their own.

If a patient does end up with a .T2K file and wants to view the image, they would need to contact their medical professional. The professional can then convert the .T2K file into a JPEG file using Mirror software. JPEG files are a common type of image file that can be opened by many different programs on various devices, making it much easier for the patient to view the image.


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