.T65 File Extension

A .T65 file is a PageMaker Template File, created by Adobe Systems.

Open with Adobe PageMaker. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .T65 file?

A .T65 file is a special kind of file used with a program called PageMaker 6.0, which is a tool for designing and organizing pages in documents like newsletters or brochures. This file acts like a template, which means it's a pre-made design that you can use to create new documents quickly without starting from scratch. Specifically, a T65 file helps by setting up how certain keys on your keyboard will make specific symbols or characters that are common in many fonts, like the copyright symbol (®) or the section symbol (§).

You can open a T65 file using Adobe PageMaker, but since PageMaker is quite old and was last updated by Adobe in 2004, newer computers might not be able to run it. However, Adobe introduced a more modern program called Adobe InDesign, which can also open T65 files, especially the latest version, Adobe InDesign 2023. This is helpful because InDesign is designed to work on current operating systems and has many new features for designing documents.

If you have PageMaker installed, you'll likely find T65 files in a folder named "Extras" within the main PageMaker program folder. These files are useful for seeing examples of how keystrokes can create different characters, like how typing "0172" can make a "¬" symbol.

PageMaker was first made by a company called Aldus in 1985 and then bought by Adobe in 1994. Adobe decided to stop making new versions of PageMaker in 2004 and started focusing on InDesign instead. Because of this, if you're using a Mac, you can only run PageMaker if your system is OS 9 or earlier. For Windows users, PageMaker works if you have Windows XP or an earlier version.

It's also worth noting that when Adobe released PageMaker 7.0, they introduced a new type of template file with the extension .PMT, which replaced the older T65 files.


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