.TCR File Extension

A .TCR file is a TouchMagix Creative Suite Published File, created by Psion Teklogix.

Open with Calibre. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TCR file?

A .TCR file is a type of eBook file. It was created for use with the TouchMagix Creative Suite and is specifically designed for the TCR format. This format has its roots in the 1990s and was initially made for Psion Series 3 palmtop devices. These were small, portable computers that people could carry around easily. The .TCR file contains the text of the eBook, along with any special formatting to make sure it looks right on the screen of the device it's viewed on. However, it's important to note that the .TCR format is proprietary, meaning it's unique to the Psion device and not a standard format like PDF or EPUB.

If you have a .TCR file and want to open it, there are several programs you can use. One of the most versatile is Calibre, which is available for multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Calibre is well-known for its ability to handle a wide range of eBook formats, and it can open .TCR files too. Another option for Windows users is Sumatra PDF, which, despite its name, can open several different types of eBook files, including .TCR.

For those who prefer to read on mobile devices, there are apps like ReadManiac, MicroReader, ReadM, and FBReader that can open .TCR files. These apps are designed to make reading eBooks on your phone or tablet convenient and enjoyable.

In summary, if you come across a .TCR file and want to read it, you have several options depending on your device. Desktop users can try Calibre or Sumatra PDF, while mobile users might explore apps like FBReader to enjoy their eBook.


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