.TCX File Extension

A .TCX file is a TurboCAD 3D Model Text File, created by Garmin.

Open with Google Earth. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TCX file?

A .TCX file is a special kind of document that is made in a format called XML. This format is used to share information about exercise activities between different gadgets that help people keep track of their fitness, like watches or apps that monitor how much you run or bike. Inside a TCX file, you can find details about someone's exercise session. This includes the path they took while running or cycling, how fast their heart was beating, how quickly they were moving their legs (cadence), how long each lap took, and how many calories they burned during the workout. Devices made by companies like Garmin and Fitbit usually create these files.

You can open TCX files with several programs and online services. Some of these include Google Earth, where you can see your workout paths on a map, and websites like Garmin Connect and Strava, which let you analyze your workout data in more detail. Even though the Garmin Training Center program that used to open these files is no longer available, there are still many ways to view and use your TCX files.

The TCX file format was introduced by Garmin in 2007, along with a program called Garmin Training Center. It's a bit like another format called .GPX, which also maps out routes for running and cycling, but TCX files go a step further by including detailed information about the workout itself. This means they can tell you more about what you did during your exercise, like how intense your workout was or how many calories you burned.

If you use a Garmin or Fitbit device, you can create a TCX file by exporting your workout data from the device or its associated website. For example, Fitbit users can go to the Fitbit website, find an activity they've done, and choose to export it as a TCX file. This way, you can keep a record of your workouts and use them in different programs to track your progress over time.

If you find a TCX file on your computer, it's probably there because it was exported from a fitness tracking device or app. Remember, there are two versions of the TCX format, known as TCX v1 and TCX v2, but both serve the same purpose of helping you keep track of your fitness activities.


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