.TDF File Extension

A .TDF file is a Guide Text Definition File, created by 321 Studios.

Open with 321 Studios DVD X Copy software. Available for Windows.

What is a .TDF file?

A .TDF file is known as a Guide Text Definition File. This type of file contains specific instructions that are used for creating backups of DVD movies. It is primarily associated with software from DVD X, including versions like DVD-X Copy, DVD X Platinum, and DVD X Copy Express. The purpose of a .TDF file is to provide guidance on how to modify and correct any issues that might arise during the DVD authoring process, such as problems with the DVD's structure or incorrect selections of titlesets by the DVD X software.

To open a .TDF file, you would typically use the 321 Studios DVD X Copy software. This program is designed to work with .TDF files, allowing users to follow the instructions contained within the file to back up their DVD movies successfully.

However, it's important to note that 321 Studios, the company behind DVD X Copy software, has stopped its operations due to legal challenges. This means that obtaining the software might be difficult, and support for it is no longer available. Despite this, if you already have the DVD X Copy software installed on your computer, you can still use it to open and utilize .TDF files.


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