.TEC File Extension

A .TEC file is a TECkit Compiled Mapping File, created by SIL International.

Open with TECkit. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TEC file?

A .TEC file is a special kind of computer file used by a program called TECkit, which stands for Text Encoding Conversion toolkit. This program helps change text from one form to another. For example, it can change text from an older computer language into a more modern one called Unicode, which is used by computers all over the world to represent text in a way that includes many different languages and symbols.

The .TEC file contains what is called binary code. This is a way of writing information that computers can understand, and it tells the computer how to change text from one encoding (or way of representing text) to another, like translating between languages. This is especially useful when working with documents in different languages or when using LaTeX, a program for creating documents, to make sure the characters in the document look right.

To open or work with a .TEC file, you would use TECkit or a related program called pyTecKit. These programs know how to read the binary code in the .TEC file and use it to convert text as needed.

If you're working with these files, it's probably because you're using TECkit to convert text. Before you get a .TEC file, you start with a .MAP file. This is a simpler file that lists how to change each piece of text from one encoding to another in a way that's easy to read. Then, using a special command on your computer, you can turn this .MAP file into a .TEC file that the computer can use more directly. Here's an example of how you might do this on a Windows computer: you type a command like `C:\TECkit\>teckit_compile -o example.tec` into the command line, which tells TECkit to take a .MAP file called "" and turn it into a .TEC file called "example.tec".

In summary, .TEC files are important for converting text between different formats, especially when dealing with multiple languages or special characters, and you need specific programs like TECkit or pyTecKit to work with them.


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