.TER File Extension

A .TER file is a Terragen Terrain File, created by Planetside Software.

Open with Planetside Software Terragen. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .TER file?

A .TER file is a type of file known as a Terragen Terrain File. It is used by Terragen, a program designed to create realistic natural scenery. The .TER file contains important data about the terrain, such as its elevation, which Terragen uses to accurately model landscapes. This data is organized in a specific way, using integer values to represent different dimensions like length, height, and depth along the y, z, and x-axes. This format is called a heightfield format and is particularly suited for transferring terrain data efficiently within Terragen.

The internal structure of a .TER file includes several key components: - Two 8-byte strings at the beginning: "TERRAGEN" and "TERRAIN", which identify the file as being associated with the Terragen program and specify that it contains terrain data. - A "SIZE" chunk, which provides information about the overall size of the terrain. - "XPTS" and "YPTS" chunks, which are necessary if the terrain is not perfectly square, indicating the number of points along the x and y axes. - An "EOF" string at the end of the file, which is present in older versions of Terragen files to signify the end of the file.

To open and work with a .TER file, you will need to use Planetside Software's Terragen program. Within Terragen, you can import a .TER file by going to the Terrain tab, clicking on 'Add Terrain', then selecting 'Heightfield (load file)'. From there, you can navigate to where your .TER file is stored, select it, and click 'Open' to load the terrain into your project.

This process allows users to utilize pre-existing terrain data to build and customize their own digital landscapes in Terragen, making it a valuable tool for landscape designers, game developers, and visual effects artists.


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