.TERMINAL File Extension

A .TERMINAL file is a Terminal Settings File, created by Apple.

Open with Apple Terminal (Included with OS). Available for Mac.

What is a .TERMINAL file?

A .TERMINAL file is a special kind of file that is used by Apple Terminal. Apple Terminal is a program that lets you type commands to control your Mac computer, and it comes with the Mac OS X operating system. This program is like a powerful tool that lets you do many things on your computer without using the mouse or graphical interface.

The .TERMINAL file contains information about how the Terminal window should look and work. For example, it can save your preferences for things like what font and colors (for both text and background) you like to see in the Terminal window, how big the window should be, and what commands the Terminal should run when it starts up. This is really helpful because it means you can set up your Terminal window just the way you like it, and then save those settings to use again later.

You can also use .TERMINAL files to save a group of Terminal windows that you have open at the same time. This feature is called a Window Group. If you often work with multiple Terminal windows arranged in a certain way, you can save this arrangement as a Window Group. Then, you can open all those windows in the same arrangement later, which can save you time.

To create or save a .TERMINAL file, you can use the Apple Terminal program itself. Inside the Terminal, you can go to the Shell menu and choose "Export Settings..." to save your current settings. Or, you can go to Terminal → Preferences, click on the "Settings" tab, and then choose "Export" from the options on the left. This is also where you can import settings from a .TERMINAL file by selecting "Import." People who develop software or manage computer systems often use different settings for different tasks. For example, they might have one set of Terminal window settings for writing and testing code, and another set of settings for managing servers over SSH. This makes it easier to switch between tasks and keep everything organized.

Apple Terminal also comes with some pre-made settings that you can choose from. These are found in the "Settings" tab within the Terminal's preferences window. This is handy if you're not sure how to set up your Terminal window or if you're looking for new ideas on how to customize it.

In summary, a .TERMINAL file is a useful way to save and load your preferred settings for the Apple Terminal program on Mac OS X, helping you to work more efficiently and comfortably.


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