.TFA File Extension

A .TFA file is a TreeSoft CashFlow Analysis Data File, created by treeSoft.

Open with treeSoft CashFlow Analysis (tree.fa.exe). Available for Windows.

What is a .TFA file?

The file extension .TFA stands for TreeSoft CashFlow Analysis Data File. This type of file is specifically created and used by a software program called treeSoft CashFlow Analysis. This program is designed to help users, particularly those involved in real estate, to project and analyze cash flows and valuations for properties. It allows for detailed financial analysis by letting users input a wide range of financial data. Additionally, the software can generate high-quality reports based on the analysis, which can be very useful for making presentations or for decision-making purposes.

The .TFA file contains all the data that has been inputted and analyzed within the treeSoft CashFlow Analysis program. This could include information like projected rental income, expenses, financing details, and much more, all of which are crucial for understanding the financial performance of a property over time.

To open a .TFA file, you need to have the treeSoft CashFlow Analysis software installed on your computer. The program's executable file is named tree.fa.exe. Once you have this software, you can open .TFA files by launching the program and using its file opening options to locate and open the .TFA file you want to work with.

This file extension and the associated software are part of treeSoft's Real Estate Analysis Desktop Software line, which includes various tools aimed at helping real estate professionals analyze and understand property investments better.


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