.TFD File Extension

A .TFD file is a Tape Format Requirements Document, created by N/A.

Open with BAE Systems VITec ELT. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .TFD file?

The file extension .TFD stands for Tape Format Requirements Document. This type of file is used to store geolocational data, which includes information about specific locations on Earth. The data is saved in a standard format that allows it to be accessed and read by various applications that support the National Imagery Transmission Format Standard (NITFS).

One of the key features of the .TFD file is that it is similar to a .NITF file. However, .TFD files use a greater level of compression. This means that the files are smaller in size, which can make them easier to store and faster to transmit, while still retaining the necessary geolocational information.

There are several programs that can open .TFD files, ensuring that the data they contain can be viewed and used effectively. These programs include: 1. **BAE Systems VITec ELT** - This is a software tool that provides electronic light table functionality, allowing users to view and analyze geospatial imagery. 2. **RemoteView UNIX** - A version of RemoteView software designed for UNIX systems, which is used for geospatial analysis. 3. **BAE Systems VITec PC** - Similar to VITec ELT, but specifically designed for use on personal computers. 4. **RemoteView ImageScout** - An extension of RemoteView that integrates imagery and geospatial data to provide enhanced analysis capabilities. 5. **ILT Plus** - A software tool that supports various imagery and geospatial data formats, including .TFD files. 6. **GIV** - Another geospatial data viewer that supports multiple file formats, allowing for comprehensive analysis and visualization.

To open a .TFD file, you would need to install one of these programs on your computer. Once installed, you can typically open the file by clicking on it, or by using the file opening features within the program itself. This will allow you to view and analyze the geolocational data stored within the .TFD file.


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