.TFM File Extension

A .TFM file is a TeX Font Metric File, created by N/A.

Open with MiKTeX. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .TFM file?

A .TFM file is a special kind of font file used when creating documents with TeX and LaTeX, which are systems for typesetting, or arranging text and images on a page. Unlike regular font files that you might use in a word processor, a .TFM file doesn't actually contain any of the shapes or "glyphs" that make up the letters and symbols. Instead, it has important information about the font, like how tall or wide each character should be. This information helps TeX and LaTeX figure out how to correctly place and space the text in your document, making sure it looks just right.

To use a .TFM file, you'll need specific programs that understand TeX and LaTeX documents. Some of these programs include MiKTeX and TeXworks. These programs use the .TFM file to properly display and print the text in your document, according to the font's specifications.

If you're working with fonts that are not already in .TFM format, there's no need to worry. You can create .TFM files from other types of font files. For example, if you have a TrueType font (.TTF), you can use a tool called ttf2tfm to convert it into a .TFM file. Similarly, if you have an Adobe Font Metric (.AFM) file, you can use afm2tfm to do the conversion. These tools are often included in TeX and LaTeX software packages, so you might already have them if you're working with these typesetting systems.

In addition to TrueType and Adobe Font Metric files, .TFM files can also work with METAFONT (.MF) files, which is another format used for defining fonts in the TeX typesetting system. This flexibility makes .TFM files a crucial part of creating beautifully typeset documents with TeX and LaTeX, allowing for precise control over how text is displayed and printed.


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