.TFX File Extension

A .TFX file is a Pro Tools Eleven Rack Plugin Preset File, created by Avid.

Open with Avid Pro Tools. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .TFX file?

A .TFX file is a type of settings file specifically used by the Eleven Rack guitar processor, which is a component of the Avid Pro Tools digital audio workstation (DAW). This file format contains settings for Eleven Rack rigs, which are essentially configurations that enhance Pro Tools by adding electric guitar processing effects. These effects can include things like reverb, distortion, and other audio modifications that guitarists use to achieve their desired sound.

The .TFX file is particularly useful because it allows users to save, share, and import specific settings or presets for the Eleven Rack within Pro Tools. This means that guitarists can create a custom sound on one system, save it as a .TFX file, and then load it on another system that also uses Pro Tools and Eleven Rack. This is very helpful for musicians who want to maintain a consistent sound across different working environments or share their setups with others.

To manage .TFX files in Pro Tools, you need to access the Eleven Rack editor within the software. To save a new .TFX file, you would open the Eleven Rack window, navigate to the "SAVE" dropdown menu, and select either "Save to Computer" for a single rig or "Save All Rigs to Computer" to save multiple settings at once. When you want to load a .TFX file, you open the Eleven Rack window, click on the preset name, select "Load from Computer" from the dropdown menu, and then choose the desired .TFX preset file from your computer.

The primary program that opens .TFX files is Avid Pro Tools. Since the Eleven Rack and the .TFX file format were developed by Digidesign, which is now known as Avid, the integration between the hardware, the file format, and the software is seamless, providing a robust toolset for guitarists working within the Pro Tools environment.


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