.TG4 File Extension

A .TG4 file is a Tiled Group 4 Raster Image File, created by Bentley Systems.

Open with Bentley Microstation. Available for Windows.

What is a .TG4 file?

The .TG4 file extension represents a Tiled Group 4 Raster Image File. This type of file is a raster image format, which means it's made up of a grid of pixels, similar to a digital photograph. It is specifically used by software developed by Bentley Systems and is also referred to as a "Type 24" file. The unique aspect of a .TG4 file is that it is saved as a 1-bit tiled image, which means it uses black and white pixels and organizes the image into tiles for more efficient storage. This file format employs RLE (Run-Length Encoding) compression, a technique that reduces the file size without losing the quality of the image by compressing repetitive sequences of pixels.

.TG4 files support multiple resolutions, allowing them to be used in various applications that require different levels of detail. This feature is particularly useful in engineering, architecture, and construction industries where Bentley Systems software is commonly used.

To open a .TG4 file, you can use several programs, including: 1. **Bentley MicroStation**: A powerful CAD software used by professionals for designing, modeling, and simulating infrastructure projects. 2. **Bentley I/RAS B**: Another Bentley Systems product, this software is designed for editing, converting, and viewing raster files. 3. **Spicer Imagenation**: A comprehensive document viewing solution that supports a wide range of file formats, including .TG4 files. 4. **Rasterex RxView**: This software allows users to view and print more than 250 different file formats, including various raster and vector images. 5. **Rasterex RxHighlight**: Similar to RxView, but with added features for markup and collaboration on documents and drawings.

Additionally, .TG4 is the native format used by ImageCenter and Image Machines software, indicating its specialized use in certain professional fields. Opening a .TG4 file requires one of the aforementioned programs, which are designed to handle the specific compression and tiling used in these files.


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