.TGI File Extension

A .TGI file is a TowGeom Input File, created by Degi Trans.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TGI file?

A .TGI file, which stands for TowGeom Input File, is a type of file used specifically for storing data that describes the geometry of transmission towers in a plain text format. This data is essential for creating a three-dimensional (3D) model of a transmission tower, which can be visualized and analyzed by engineers.

The contents of a TGI file include detailed information about various aspects of a tower's structure. This includes the number of panels that make up the tower, the height of each panel, and the specific pattern name associated with each panel's design. Additionally, it details the slopes of the tower, specifying how many there are and the width of each slope. This structured data helps in accurately modeling the physical characteristics of transmission towers.

To view or edit a TGI file, you can use any basic text editor because the file is in plain text format. Common text editors that can open a TGI file include Microsoft Notepad, which is included with Windows operating systems, and Apple TextEdit, which comes with macOS. Other text editors like Vim, GNU Emacs, and even web-based editors can also handle TGI files.

For those involved in the design and engineering of transmission towers, Degi Trans TowGeom is a specialized online tool that can be particularly useful. This program not only allows for the creation of both 3D and 2D models of transmission towers but also enables engineers to input and modify the tower geometry directly. After making the necessary inputs and adjustments, engineers can save this data as a TGI file. TowGeom also features a library of pre-existing tower geometry patterns, which can be loaded directly into the program to streamline the design process.

In summary, a .TGI file is a crucial tool in the field of engineering, particularly for those working with transmission tower designs, as it stores all the necessary geometric data in a simple, editable format. This file can be easily opened and edited with standard text editors or specialized software like Degi Trans TowGeom for more advanced modeling capabilities.


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