.THP File Extension

A .THP file is a TurboTax Text String, created by N/A.

Open with File Viewer Plus — Get it from Microsoft+. Available for Windows.

What is a .THP file?

The file extension .THP stands for a type of video file that is specifically used by some video games made for the Nintendo Wii and GameCube gaming consoles. These .THP files are important because they contain video content like cinematics or cutscenes - these are the short, movie-like clips you see in games that help tell the story or mark a transition between game levels.

To open or play a .THP file, you can use a program called thpplay. This program is designed to recognize and play these specific types of video files. Another way to create or convert videos into the .THP format is by using a tool called WiiFlow THP Video Converter. This can be particularly useful if you're developing a game or modifying game content and you need your videos to be in the correct format for the Wii or GameCube.

For those who might not want to use specialized software like thpplay, there's also a more general program called File Viewer Plus. This program can open a wide variety of file types, including .THP files, and it's available for download from the Microsoft store.

It's also worth noting that .THP files are often found within Wii Disc Images, which have the file extension .ISO. These disc images are complete copies of a game disc, and they contain all the game's data, including .THP video files. So, if you're working with or exploring the contents of a Wii game disc image, you might come across .THP files as part of the game's data.


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