.TID File Extension

A .TID file is a AVCHD Thumbnail File, created by Sony and Panasonic.

Open with Appears in folders in window when connecting Sony/Panasonic camcorder or memory card to computer.. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .TID file?

The .TID file is a type of file that comes from digital video cameras made by Sony and Panasonic. These files are called AVCHD Thumbnail Files. They are like a small picture or preview of the video that was recorded in high definition (HD) format. This format is known as AVCHD, which stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition. The .TID files are quite similar to another type of file called .TDT.

When you record a video with a Sony or Panasonic camcorder that uses this format, the camera automatically creates these thumbnail files. You'll see these files if you connect your camcorder or the memory card from the camcorder to a computer. They show up in a folder, and they help you get a quick look at what videos are on the camera without having to open the actual video files.

However, these .TID files are not meant to be opened by clicking on them. They are just there to provide visual previews of your videos. When you connect your camcorder or its memory card to a computer, you might see these files appear in a window, showing you the thumbnails of your videos.

For those who like to know exactly where everything is stored, you can find these .TID files in a specific place on your camcorder. They are located in a folder named AVCHDTN. This folder is inside another folder called AVCHD, which is itself inside a folder named Private on your camcorder.

In summary, .TID files are small thumbnail images created by certain Sony and Panasonic camcorders to give you a quick preview of your high-definition videos. They appear when you connect your camcorder to a computer, but they're not meant to be opened directly. They're just there to help you see what videos you have at a glance.


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