.TIM File Extension

A .TIM file is a The Incredible Machine Level, created by Sierra.

Open with Sierra's The Incredible Machine. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .TIM file?

A .TIM file is a special kind of computer file used with a game called The Incredible Machine. This game lets you build clever machines to solve puzzles. The .TIM file contains all the pieces and parts you need to set up a puzzle in the game. These puzzles can be ones that come with the game or ones that people have made up themselves.

To use a .TIM file, you need to have The Incredible Machine game from a company called Sierra. This game knows how to read the .TIM file and show you the puzzle inside it. You can then move around the pieces in the game to try and solve the puzzle.

There's also a mention of using a .TIM file with something called Vixen 3. Vixen 3 is not a game but a program used by people who like to create light shows, especially ones that go along with music. It's a favorite tool for do-it-yourself enthusiasts because it's less expensive than other similar programs. In Vixen 3, you can open a .TIM file to work on a sequence of lights. You do this by starting Vixen 3, going to a section called "Sequences," and then choosing to open a new sequence or edit an existing one. Once you're done making changes, you can save your work. You can also start a brand new light sequence by choosing the option to create a new sequence in the same section.

So, in simple terms, a .TIM file is used to hold puzzles for a game or sequences for a light show, depending on the program you're using it with.


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