.TLG File Extension

A .TLG file is a QuickBooks Transaction Log File, created by Intuit.

Open with Intuit QuickBooks Pro. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .TLG file?

The file extension .TLG stands for QuickBooks Transaction Log File. This type of file is specifically used by QuickBooks, which is a software application designed to help both individuals and businesses manage their financial records. The .TLG file plays a crucial role in ensuring data integrity and security for QuickBooks users.

A .TLG file contains a record of all transactions that have not yet been permanently saved to the main QuickBooks data file, which has the extension .QBW. Essentially, the .TLG file acts as a safety net by keeping a log of every change that has been made to the data since the last full backup was performed. This includes new transactions, modifications, and deletions.

In practical terms, the .TLG file helps to protect and recover your financial data in case something goes wrong. For example, if there is a software crash, a power failure, or if the .QBW file itself becomes corrupted, the .TLG file can be used to restore the data up to the last transaction logged. This makes it a valuable file for maintaining the continuity and accuracy of financial records.

To maintain its functionality, the .TLG file must be stored in the same folder as its corresponding .QBW file. It is typically named following the pattern [company name].qbw.tlg, where "[company name]" is the name you have assigned to your QuickBooks company file.

The primary programs that can open and interact with .TLG files are Intuit QuickBooks Pro and Intuit QuickBooks for Mac. These programs use the .TLG file to manage ongoing transactions and to assist in data recovery processes when needed. It's important to note that regular users typically do not need to open or directly interact with .TLG files, as they are managed automatically by QuickBooks software.


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