.TLL File Extension

A .TLL file is a LG TV Link-Loader File, created by LG Electronics.

Open with ChanSort. Available for Windows.

What is a .TLL file?

A .TLL file is a special type of file used with LG televisions. It's like a set of instructions that tells your LG TV how to behave when it starts up. Inside this file, there are settings like which channel the TV should go to first, how loud the volume should be when it turns on, and the limits for how quiet or loud the volume can go. It also includes a list of channels that you might have set as your favorites or most-watched.

To work with these .TLL files, there's a program called ChanSort that can open and edit them. This is useful if you want to change how your TV starts up or adjust the list of channels without having to do it directly on the TV.

Here's how it works: If you have a .TLL file from your LG TV, you can copy it onto a USB flash drive. Then, you can take this flash drive to your computer and use ChanSort to make changes to the file. For example, you might want to add new channels to your start-up list or change the default volume level. After you've made your changes, you save the .TLL file back onto the USB flash drive.

Next, you take the flash drive back to your LG TV and load the modified .TLL file from it. This updates your TV with all the new settings you've chosen. It's a handy way to customize your TV experience without having to navigate through the TV's on-screen menus.

Additionally, there are devices called link loaders, for example, the TLL-1100A TV Link Loader, that can also transfer .TLL files between your TV and other devices. This can be another way to update or change the settings on your LG TV without using a USB flash drive.


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