.TLP File Extension

A .TLP file is a Tulip Software Graph Format File, created by David Auber and Patrick Mary.

Open with Tulip. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TLP file?

A .TLP file is a type of file used by Tulip, a software designed for visualizing and analyzing information. This file format is specifically used to store graphs, which are visual representations of data where points (nodes) are connected by lines (edges). The .TLP file includes important details about the graph such as the version of the file format, the date it was created, the name of the author, and various definitions related to the graph's structure and content.

Here's a breakdown of what's typically included in a .TLP file: 1. **Graph Definitions**: This includes basic information like the format version, creation date, and author's name. This part of the file sets up the overall properties of the graph.

2. **Nodes**: These are the points in the graph. Each node has an identifier (ID), and the file lists all nodes involved in the graph.

3. **Edges**: These are the connections or lines between nodes. Each edge is defined by its own ID and the IDs of the source and target nodes it connects.

4. **Clusters**: Clusters are groups of nodes and edges that form a sub-part of the graph. Each cluster is defined by its ID, name, and the nodes and edges it includes. Clusters can also contain other clusters, allowing for complex hierarchical structures.

5. **Properties**: These are additional attributes that can be assigned to nodes, edges, or clusters. Each property is defined by the type of element it applies to (node or edge), a name, and default values. Specific values can also be assigned to individual nodes or edges.

To open a .TLP file, you need to use the Tulip software. Tulip is the primary program designed to handle this type of file, allowing users to view, edit, and analyze the graph data contained within. The software provides tools for manipulating the graph's structure, adjusting visual settings, and performing data analysis tasks.

In summary, a .TLP file is a comprehensive format used by Tulip software to store and manage graph data for visualization and analysis purposes. It includes detailed definitions of nodes, edges, clusters, and properties, making it a versatile tool for handling complex data structures.


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