.TM2 File Extension

A .TM2 file is a Theta Music Composer 2.x Audio File, created by Sony.

Open with XnViewMP. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TM2 file?

A .TM2 file is a specific type of audio file associated with Theta Music Composer 2.x, a music composition tool. This file format is used to store audio data that has been created or edited using Theta Music Composer 2.x software. The audio in a .TM2 file is typically designed for use in video games or other multimedia projects.

Despite the description mentioning PlayStation 2 (PS2) or PlayStation Portable (PSP) video games, it's important to clarify that in the context of Theta Music Composer, the .TM2 file does not contain image or texture data but rather audio data. This might be a point of confusion as TM2 files can also refer to texture files in some video game contexts, but here it specifically relates to audio files from Theta Music Composer.

To open a .TM2 file that is an audio file from Theta Music Composer, you would typically use specialized audio or music software that supports this format. Programs that can open this type of .TM2 file include: - **XnViewMP**: Although primarily known as an image viewer, XnViewMP can handle a variety of file formats, including some audio files. It might be useful for basic viewing or conversion tasks. - **Noesis**: This is a tool that can handle various multimedia file types, including game assets and possibly audio files like those from Theta Music Composer. - **Rainbow**: This software is capable of dealing with different types of multimedia files, potentially including .TM2 audio files.

It's important to use the correct software that specifically supports the audio version of .TM2 files to ensure compatibility and proper functionality.


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