.TMF File Extension

A .TMF file is a TiVo Video Recording Archive, created by TiVo.

Open with GNU Tar. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TMF file?

A .TMF file is a special type of file that is used to keep videos recorded on TiVo devices, which are machines that let you record TV shows to watch later. These devices include older models like TiVo Series 1, 2, and 2.5, as well as DirecTV TiVo Series 1 and 2. The .TMF file is like a box (called a tarball) that can hold several files inside it. Inside this box, there are usually one or more video files that end in .TY, which are the actual recordings from the TiVo. There's also an .XML file, which is like a list that tells you information about the video, such as what show it is and when it was recorded.

People use .TMF files to save their TV recordings from their TiVo onto their computers so they can keep them safe or watch them later. They can also use these files to move recordings from one TiVo device to another, like if you got a new TiVo and wanted to transfer your old recordings to it.

To open a .TMF file, you need a special program that can understand and unpack the tarball (the box) to get to the videos and information inside. Some of the programs that can do this include: - **GNU Tar** and **Apple Archive Utility**, which are often already included with your computer's operating system, meaning you might not need to download anything extra. - **7-Zip**, **Corel WinZip**, and **RARLAB WinRAR** are popular choices for Windows users. They can open many types of files, including .TMF files. - For Mac users, **Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe Mac 16**, **Incredible Bee Archiver**, and **The Unarchiver** are good options that can help you open .TMF files.

These programs work by opening up the .TMF file (the box) and letting you see, extract, or sometimes even play the video files inside directly on your computer.


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