.TMP File Extension

A .TMP file is a Temporary File, created by N/A.

Open with Microsoft Word 365. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .TMP file?

A .TMP file is known as a Temporary File. It's a special kind of file that computer programs make to hold information for a short time. Imagine it like a sticky note for a computer program, where it can jot down things it needs to remember while it's working. These files are usually made by the program without you seeing them, and they're often thrown away when the program doesn't need them anymore. Sometimes, when a program is making a new file and it's not finished yet, it will use a .TMP file to keep all the pieces together until it's ready.

You can find .TMP files being used by different programs like Microsoft Word 365, which is a program for writing and editing documents, and web browsers like Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox, which let you look at websites on the internet. Even though Microsoft Internet Explorer used to work with .TMP files, it's not available anymore.

These .TMP files are pretty much like the behind-the-scenes workers; they handle a lot of data that's being moved around or changed into a different format while you're working on something. For example, when you're typing up something in Microsoft Word or browsing the internet with Safari, these programs might be using .TMP files to keep everything running smoothly.

Even though these files are super helpful to the programs using them, they're usually not meant to be opened by us. But if you ever need to, you might be able to open them with programs like Microsoft Word 365, Apple Safari (which comes with Apple's operating systems), or Mozilla Firefox. Just remember, these files are mostly just for the computer to understand, so they might not make much sense if you look at them.


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