.TMS File Extension

A .TMS file is a Telemate Script, created by Telemate.

Open with Telemate. Available for Windows.

What is a .TMS file?

The .TMS file extension is associated with a type of file known as a Telemate Script. This kind of file contains a set of instructions or commands that are designed to be executed by Telemate, which is a communication software program that was popular during the era of DOS (Disk Operating System). Telemate was primarily used for connecting computers to remote services or bulletin board systems (BBS) through a dial-up modem connection. A bulletin board system was an early form of online community where users could share messages, files, and even play games, all before the widespread use of the internet. These systems were accessed by dialing into them directly using a phone line and a modem. The .TMS script files made it easier for users to connect to these services by automating the dial-up and login process. Instead of manually typing in commands every time to connect, a user could run a .TMS script file in Telemate to automate the process.

To open a .TMS file, you would need to use the Telemate program. Since Telemate is an older software designed for the DOS operating system, running it on modern computers might require a DOS emulator or a virtual machine that can emulate the DOS environment. Once set up, you can use Telemate to open and run the .TMS script files as intended.


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