.TMW File Extension

A .TMW file is a Translation Memory Data File, created by SDL.

Open with SDL Trados Studio. Available for Windows.

What is a .TMW file?

The .TMW file extension represents a Translation Memory Data File. This type of data file is crucial for people who work with translations, especially using Trados document translation software. A Translation Memory Data File contains important linguistic information and translation units. These units are essentially pieces of text that have been translated, and the software uses this information to help translators work more efficiently.

As a translator works and translates more documents, the .TMW file grows. This is because the file "learns" from the translator's inputs. Every new translation is added to the memory, making future translations faster and more consistent, as the software can suggest translations based on the stored data.

To use or view the contents of a .TMW file, you would typically open it with Trados Translator's Workbench, which is part of the SDL Trados Studio suite. This software is specifically designed for translation tasks and is capable of handling the .TMW file format effectively.

It's worth noting that a translation memory is not limited to just .TMW files. It includes other file types such as .IIX, .MDF, .MTF, and .MWF. Each of these plays a different role in the translation memory system, but the .TMW file is key for storing the actual translation units.

In summary, if you are working in translation, especially with Trados software, you'll likely encounter .TMW files. These files are essential for making your translation work more efficient by leveraging previous translations. To open and work with these files, you would use SDL Trados Studio, particularly the Trados Translator's Workbench component.


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