.TN3 File Extension

A .TN3 file is a Tiny High-resolution Image, created by Atari.

Open with XnViewMP. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TN3 file?

A .TN3 file is a type of image file known as a Tiny High-resolution Image. It was specifically designed for use on Atari ST computers, which were popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The .TN3 file format stores bitmap images, which are a form of picture made up of tiny dots called pixels. These files are unique because they use a method called RLE compression to reduce the file size without losing quality. This compression makes it easier to store and share the images.

Additionally, some .TN3 files can contain animations. If the file is meant to be animated, it will include several frames of bitmap images that play in sequence to create a moving picture. The file also stores information about how fast the animation should play and how long it should last.

To view or manage .TN3 files, you can use several different software programs. XnViewMP and Logipole Konvertor are two examples of programs that can open these files on Windows computers. Piotr Fusik's RECOIL is another program that supports .TN3 files and is available for multiple platforms, including Windows, Web, and Android. Newera Graphics Converter Pro is also capable of handling .TN3 files, providing options to convert them into other image formats. These programs help users view, convert, or manage .TN3 images according to their needs.


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