.TOP File Extension

A .TOP file is a TopSolid Design Document, created by Gromacs.

Open with Gromacs. Available for Linux.

What is a .TOP file?

The .TOP file extension is used for a type of data file known as a TopSolid Design Document. However, it's important to note that there's a bit of confusion in the description provided. While TopSolid Design Document is mentioned, the detailed description actually refers to a different use of .TOP files related to molecular data analysis, specifically within the context of Gromacs, a software application used for analyzing molecular structures.

In the context of Gromacs, a .TOP file contains information about the molecular topology of a molecule. Molecular topology is a way to describe the structure of a molecule, including how atoms are arranged and connected to each other. This is crucial for understanding the molecule's properties and behavior.

These .TOP files are usually created by a specific tool within the Gromacs suite called pdb2gmx. The pdb2gmx tool takes information from Protein Data Bank (.PDB) files, which are a standard format for storing molecular data, and Residue Topology Parameter (.RTP) files, which contain rules for how different parts of molecules should be connected. Using this information, pdb2gmx generates a .TOP file that accurately represents the molecule's structure.

To open a .TOP file, you would typically use the Gromacs software. Gromacs is designed for performing complex molecular analyses, so it's the go-to program for working with files that contain molecular topology data like .TOP files. It's a specialized tool used primarily by scientists and researchers in fields like biochemistry and molecular physics to study the properties and behaviors of molecules at an atomic level.


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