A .TRANSMITSERVERS file is a Transmit Servers List, created by Panic.

Open with Panic Transmit. Available for Mac.

What is a .TRANSMITSERVERS file?

A .TRANSMITSERVERS file is a type of file specifically used by the Panic Transmit software, which is a program designed for transferring files on macOS computers. This file contains a secure, encrypted list of server addresses and login credentials. It is primarily used to move or backup a list of servers that a user frequently connects to, along with their respective login information, from one installation of the Transmit software to another.

To create a .TRANSMITSERVERS file, users of Panic Transmit need to go to the program's menu bar, click on "Servers," and then choose the "Export" option. This action saves the current list of servers and their login details into a .TRANSMITSERVERS file.

The only program known to open and use .TRANSMITSERVERS files is Panic Transmit itself. This means if you have such a file, you should open it using the Panic Transmit software on a macOS system to ensure it functions correctly and the data inside is accessible.


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