.TSPEED File Extension

A .TSPEED file is a TyperSpeed Sepia Settings File, created by Seediffusion.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TSPEED file?

A .TSPEED file is a special kind of file used by a computer game called TyperSpeed Sepia. This game is designed to run on Windows computers, and it helps people improve their typing skills by challenging them to type as many words as possible in 35 seconds without making mistakes. The .TSPEED file keeps all the settings a player has chosen for the game, like sound levels or difficulty, so they don't have to set them up every time they play.

When someone starts playing TyperSpeed Sepia for the first time, the game makes a .TSPEED file (either called settings.tspeed or sepia.tspeed depending on the version of the game) to save these settings. If you're playing TyperSpeed Sepia version 3.5 or newer, your settings file will be named sepia.tspeed. For versions before 3.5, it's called settings.tspeed. Starting from version 3.6C, players can change their game settings anytime by going to a specific menu in the game, and any changes they make are automatically saved in their .TSPEED file.

These .TSPEED files are simple text files. This means you can open and change them with any program that can edit text, like Microsoft Notepad or Apple TextEdit, which come with your operating system, or other text editors like Vim or Microsoft Visual Studio Code. This can be useful if you want to manually adjust your game settings without going through the game's menus.

In addition to game settings, for a while, TyperSpeed Sepia allowed players to connect the game to their Twitter accounts. This connection information was saved in a file named tweepia.tspeed. However, this feature is no longer supported, and Twitter connections are not allowed anymore.

It's important to note that the use of .TSPEED files started with TyperSpeed Sepia. Earlier versions of TyperSpeed did not use these files at all.


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