.TYSET File Extension

A .TYSET file is a Typinator Set File, created by Ergonis Software.

Open with Ergonis Software Typinator. Available for Mac.

What is a .TYSET file?

A .TYSET file is a Typinator Set File used by Typinator, a program designed to make typing faster and more efficient. Typinator is a tool that helps computer users by allowing them to create shortcuts for long sentences, phrases, or frequently used URLs. Instead of typing out "I love you" every time, you can simply type a short abbreviation like "love," and Typinator will automatically replace it with the full sentence. This feature is particularly useful for people who find themselves typing the same things over and over again.

The .TYSET file contains these typing shortcuts or abbreviations. You can find these files listed under "Predefined Sets" within the Typinator program. Users have the flexibility to add their own custom abbreviations to these set files, tailoring the program to their specific needs. For example, if you often misspell "people" as "poeple," you can set up an autocorrection within Typinator to automatically correct your spelling.

To open a .TYSET file, you need to use Ergonis Software Typinator. This program is specifically designed to work with .TYSET files, enabling you to manage and edit your typing shortcuts easily.

If you want to create a .TYSET file, you can do so within Typinator by selecting Action → Export... from the menu. Then, in the "Export as:" dropdown menu, choose "Typinator Set (.tyset)." This allows you to save your custom set of abbreviations and shortcuts, which can be loaded into Typinator whenever needed.

In summary, .TYSET files and Typinator together offer a powerful way to speed up your typing by automating the insertion of long texts and correcting common spelling mistakes through simple, user-defined abbreviations.


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