.U11 File Extension

A .U11 file is a UFile 2011 Tax Return, created by Dr Tax Software.

Open with Intuit Canada TurboTax. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .U11 file?

The file extension .U11 is associated with a UFile 2011 Tax Return. This type of file is specifically used by people living in Canada to manage their taxes for the year 2011. It is created using a software called UFile 2011, which is designed to help Canadian residents prepare their taxes.

The .U11 file contains all the necessary tax forms for Canada's federal government and includes all the information that the user has entered into the program. This could be details about their income, deductions, credits, and any other relevant tax information.

Once you have completed your tax return using UFile 2011, you have a couple of options for submitting it. You can choose to print out the forms and mail them in the traditional way. Alternatively, UFile 2011 offers a feature called NETFILE. NETFILE is a convenient online service that allows you to file your tax return electronically over the internet, making the process faster and easier.

If you need to open a .U11 file, there are specific programs that can do this. One of the main programs recommended for opening and working with .U11 files is Intuit Canada TurboTax. TurboTax is a popular tax preparation software that provides tools for handling various types of tax returns, including those from UFile. Another option is to use Dr Tax UFile Online+, which is a web-based service. This means you can access it through your internet browser without needing to install software on your computer. Both of these programs are designed to make the process of dealing with your taxes as straightforward as possible.


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