.USDZ File Extension

A .USDZ file is a Universal Scene Description Zipped Format, created by Apple and Pixar Animation Studios.

Open with Apple Preview (Included with OS). Available for Mac.

What is a .USDZ file?

A .USDZ file is a special type of file that holds a 3D scene or object. This file format was created by Apple and Pixar, the famous movie studio. Think of it as a box that can store everything you need to show a 3D model, like a toy or a piece of furniture, on your computer or phone. Inside this box, there's a main file that describes how the 3D model looks from all angles, what colors it has, and how it interacts with light. This main file can be one of three types: .USD, .USDA, or .USDC.

Besides the main file, the .USDZ box can also include pictures (.PNG or .JPEG) that are like the model's skin, covering its surface with colors and patterns. It can also have sound files (.M4A, .MP3, or .WAV) that can play music or noises related to the 3D model.

The cool thing about .USDZ files is that they are made in a way that doesn't squish everything inside, so the quality stays high, and they don't have any special codes that lock them, so they are easy to share and use.

To open a .USDZ file, you can use several programs that come with Apple devices. For example, if you have a Mac, you can use Apple Preview, which lets you see the 3D model. If you're a developer or someone who makes apps, Apple Xcode is a tool that lets you work with these files in more detail. Apple also has a tool called Reality Converter for changing 3D files into the .USDZ format. If you're browsing the internet on an iPhone or iPad, Apple Safari can show these 3D models directly in the browser. You can also see them in messages sent through Apple Messages or create and edit them in Apple Reality Composer, a tool for making augmented reality experiences.


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