.USERPROFILE File Extension

A .USERPROFILE file is a Norton AntiVirus User Profile File, created by Symantec.

Open with Norton 360. Available for Windows.

What is a .USERPROFILE file?

The .USERPROFILE file is a special kind of file that is used by a computer program called Norton AntiVirus. Norton AntiVirus is a tool that helps keep computers safe from harmful software known as viruses. The .USERPROFILE file contains important information about the user's subscription with Norton AntiVirus. This means it has details about the user's account and services they have with Norton.

Even if someone decides to remove or uninstall Norton AntiVirus from their computer, this .USERPROFILE file might still be left behind on the computer. It doesn't get deleted along with the program. This is something to keep in mind if you're wondering why there are still Norton files on your computer after you've removed the program.

If you need to open a .USERPROFILE file, you would typically use the Norton 360 program. Norton 360 is the newer version of Norton AntiVirus, as the company updated its name and services in 2014 to Norton Security. So, if you're using a current version of Norton's security software, that's the program you'd use to open this file.

There's a specific .USERPROFILE file called MyProfile.UserProfile, which is usually not visible because it's a hidden file. You can find it in a special folder on your computer that stores application data for Norton. The path to find this file is usually Application Data\Symantec\Shared user directory. Alongside this file, there's often another file related to Norton AntiVirus settings called Options.VcPref, which has the extension .VCPREF.

In summary, the .USERPROFILE file is important for Norton AntiVirus users as it holds their subscription information. It can be opened with Norton 360, and even if Norton is uninstalled, this file might remain on the computer. It's usually hidden and stored in a specific directory along with another settings file.


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