.WHTT File Extension

A .WHTT file is a HTTrack Website Copier File, created by Xavier Roche.

Open with HTTrack. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .WHTT file?

A .WHTT file is a special type of file that is created when you use a program called HTTrack, or its variations like WebHTTrack or WinHTTrack, to download a complete website onto your computer. HTTrack is a program that allows you to browse websites offline, which means you can view the website's pages without needing an internet connection. When you use HTTrack to download a website, it saves all the parts of the website, including the web pages, the directories (which are like folders that organize the website's content), and any images that are part of the website, into a .WHTT file.

This .WHTT file acts like a container or a package that holds the entire website inside it. So, when you want to view the website without being online, you can open this .WHTT file using HTTrack or its other versions like WebHTTrack, which is designed for use on Linux systems, or WinHTTrack, which is the version for Windows computers. By opening the .WHTT file with one of these programs, you can browse the website as if you were online, but you're actually viewing the saved version from your computer. This is particularly useful for people who need to access website information when they don't have an internet connection or want to keep a copy of a website for research or archival purposes.


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